Et Cultura 2016

Et Cultura is a festival of creative culture. It brings film makers, musicians, artists, makers and innovators together to celebrate the contributions of these endeavors with the people that make them and the people who enjoy them. When Joel, Lea, Colin and Dave approached Molecular Media last year and told us what they were planning,… Read more »

Why We Do…What We Do…

This business certainly has its ups and downs. Trips around the world, and working with world changing companies and technologies can quickly turn into last minute venue changes, inclement weather and delayed deliveries. Through all of that the Molecular Team strives to maintain the same optimism and work ethic, despite the challenges that lay ahead…. Read more »

Banding Together

Recently the Mo team was lucky enough to field test an emerging technology, the Xyloband. Worn around the wrist, the band consists of full-color LED lights, wrapped in a comfortable cloth band and secured by a small (brand-able) battery pack. The rest of the system is comprised of several RFID antennae, control software and a… Read more »

Good Start to a Great Year

Welcome to 2015! The Molecular Media teams have already been hard at work this month, with some incredibly exciting events. Beyond that, we have been on the road, creating amazing things, in some of the most incredible places in the world. From the Wynn in Vegas to Manila halfway around the world, the team has been traveling… Read more »

New Toys!

As the summer winds down, the technical geniuses behind Mo Media’s gear curation have decided to refresh the inventory with some awesome new toys! Keeping up with the latest technologies and offering our clients the best in equipment and knowledge, is something the Mo teams works hard to balance. Projectors get brighter and have greater… Read more »

Nous Aimons Monaco!!!

Back home after another beautiful meeting at The Hotel Fairmont, Monte Carlo. Just two weeks after the Monaco Grand Prix’s final lap, the Mo Team arrived in France to set and execute a global event for our long-time clients. Having been awarded the event just weeks prior, the countless hours of pre-planning are proving their… Read more »

App Attack Pt. Tres

Our third installment of the exciting story of Eventopia! Grab your cocoa, find your favorite chair and settle back… We spoke about customization. We dabbled in attendee networking. Now we delve into the exciting world of integration. Technology has mercifully made our jobs a little easier by providing use with much, much less paperwork to… Read more »

App Attack! Pt. 2

Back again, counting down the top 3 features of our Event App: Eventopia! Last week we talked about the ability to customize the app to fit your specific event. Removing extemporaneous elements, so that the information your attendees need is front and center, makes the decision to add an app to your event an easier… Read more »

App Attack!

In our search for the most useful technology available to our clients, the Mo team has discovered some incredibly innovative tech. One such discovery is our event application, Eventopia. Today’s meetings and events have hundreds, often thousands of moving parts, so keeping track of each piece of information has become increasingly difficult for our meeting… Read more »

A Little Horn Tooting…

Often in this line of work, we are unable to tell the world about all of the cool things we are doing. Security, intellectual property, trade secrets, these necessary elements of our industry sometimes preclude us from letting our readers know the kind of care we put into every single event, show or meeting. However,… Read more »

New Tech…Yeah We’re Looking Into That!

Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes, just sometimes, the latest in audio/visual technology isn’t a challenge when integrating it with our current programs. Sometimes…it’s actually more fun than we could imagine. And sometimes…we get to feel like great big kids. The Mo Team’s resident adventure photographer Greg Brewer has just acquired one of the coolest new… Read more »

And Still the Camera Rolled

The storm raged around the 36-foot center console fishing vessel.  Walls of white water frothed over the sides of the boat, and the intrepid fishermen clutched desperately to the console. And Still the Camera Rolled. Behind them, three outboard engines spread across the transom.  While two of the power plants strained to turn their props,… Read more »

The More You Mo…

     Welcome back to “The More You Mo…”! We are here, again, to bring you the best tips and tricks from the industry. Today’s tips are related to messaging and how to get the most out of your live presentation. Presenting PowerPoint or Keynote presentations is a part of almost every event/meeting Molecular Media… Read more »

Mo Team to the Rescue!

This past month the “Mo Signal” went up and the team was ready to answer the call. A current client found themselves in a situation that required a small 100 person meeting to be planned, staffed and executed, in Amsterdam, more than 4500 miles away. The kicker…we had 48 hours until the start of the… Read more »

Oh the Places We Mo!

Working in this industry affords our staff a lot of perks. From the incredible relationships we forge, to the feeling of accomplishment we experience when a client’s expectations are exceeded, each benefit offers it’s own advantages. One of our favorite bonuses is the ability to travel. Working in dozens, sometimes hundreds, of venues a year… Read more »

Arranging the Room

Setting a room for A/V and seating arrangement requires a keen attention to detail. Ensuring that the projector has enough throw distance, the speakers are correctly placed for complete audio coverage, and the cables are properly hidden is just the beginning. Here are a few tips and tricks we have found useful over the years…. Read more »

Did you know…

Did you know that wireless audio frequency bands are different and pre-set for each US city? Shure, one of the leading manufacturers of professional grade wireless audio, found that due to some similarities in audio frequencies their products were picking up unwanted feedback and bleed through from other audio devices. To combat this issue, the… Read more »

An Alternative to In-House A/V

Often we are asked “How do you compete with in-house audio visual companies?” The answer is not a simple one. A/V companies based out of major venues, hotels and resorts offer comprehensive equipment and service solutions that are conveniently located in the venue the event is being held. While this offers a major convenience, the… Read more »

Keeping Up with the Techs…

It has been a busy first quarter here at Molecular Media, but we never let the whirlwind of work keep us from honing our skills. The world of Audience Response Systems is ever changing and the Mo team knows that if you aren’t keeping up with new technologies, systems and processes, you will soon find… Read more »