New Tech…Yeah We’re Looking Into That!

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Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes, just sometimes, the latest in audio/visual technology isn’t a challenge when integrating it with our current programs. Sometimes…it’s actually more fun than we could imagine. And sometimes…we get to feel like great big kids.

The Mo Team’s resident adventure photographer Greg Brewer has just acquired one of the coolest new tools of the trade since cost-effective HD cameras. In fact, it IS an HD camera. Except this one is attached to a remote control drone. I could explain it, but I think this is much more effective…

The amazing part is that Greg was able to obtain this footage…by himself. That’s pretty impressive, considering the footage you just saw would cost ten’s of thousands of dollars, a half-day schedule and at least 5 crew just 5 years ago.

Drone’s are everywhere. From military use, to Amazon toying with instant home delivery, drones are allowing us to complete jobs with less investment in time, capital or people. As I mentioned before, just 5 years ago getting the small bit of footage you viewed above would take tremendous resources and was often out of the price range for all but the largest businesses. However, now we are researching the ability to get the same footage, the same smooth movement and the same spectacular shots for a fraction of the price and time commitment.

Personal drone use is new and the bugs are still being worked out by early adopters. Even the FAA will have to eventually weigh in regarding hard and fast rules when it comes to piloting drones. For now, the Molecular Media team is researching this new technology and hopes to one day offer it to our clients. There are some amazingly creative ways to utilize these drones and the Mo Team wants to be on the forefront of this latest innovation and bring added benefit to our current and future clients.

Don’t worry…we will keep you all informed. Until next time…

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