Why We Do…What We Do…

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This business certainly has its ups and downs. Trips around the world, and working with world changing companies and technologies can quickly turn into last minute venue changes, inclement weather and delayed deliveries. Through all of that the Molecular Team strives to maintain the same optimism and work ethic, despite the challenges that lay ahead. Sometimes it goes unnoticed, that is part of the job. But sometimes…we get to see just how much our hard work means to the people that we do it for.

Recently, our Senior Project Manager, Barry Brown, was presented with a few challenges at a Molecular-produced event. As always, Barry approached the issues with logic and tenacity, and was able to work with the hotel staff to produce a flawless event for both the client and the venue.

After the gear was packed up and the crew was heading home, Barry received the email above. Through it all, we just want the people we work with to feel they got the absolute best service available when it comes AV, and messages like this keep us doing what we do.

Congratulations to Barry and the entire team for “doing what we do”!

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