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In our search for the most useful technology available to our clients, the Mo team has discovered some incredibly innovative tech. One such discovery is our event application, Eventopia. Today’s meetings and events have hundreds, often thousands of moving parts, so keeping track of each piece of information has become increasingly difficult for our meeting planners. Providing an easy way to keep track of the copious amounts of data generated at each event was important, not only to our clients, but to the Mo team as well. Additionally, the app provided new and useful features beyond tracking, features that provided new information. From GPS tracking to instant group communications, these features allowed both the attendees and the event staff to stay better connected, and allowed for some incredibly interesting data at the end of the event.

The Eventopia app has a plethora of new, sometimes hidden, features. Over the next few weeks, we would like to share some of the more exciting options with our readers. We hope you enjoy and if you have some questions about the app or the features you read about, take few and email us (

Without further ado…

The first feature we want to focus on, is the Custom App Layout option. Gone are the days of the “one-size-fits-all” web applications…now it’s all about complete customization. When working inside such a robust app you quickly find that some of the features, while useful, do not have much use in the current event you are planning. Choosing the best features for your event is actually the easiest part. But what about all of those little icons for the features you have chosen not to use? Won’t those confuse your attendees? Should you add irrelevant information so that each of the icons leads the attendee to, at least, some sort of destination? Isn’t a simple interface the best choice?

All valid questions. With Eventopia the user has the ability to customize the application before each and every event. Showing only the relevant icons for that specific event, creates a clean and easy way to navigate the application. The ability to clear the clutter and present the most pertinent information right up front, allows planners to remove confusion and encourage all attendees to utilize the application as a useful tool, rather than “another complicated technology to learn”.

We accomplish this with a very intuitive set of online tools, that allow users to customize their Eventopia App by dragging and dropping icons and menus. If you have ever customized a smartphone home screen, then you will feel right at home using this option. Additionally, the customization allows the user to brand each and every section of the app. This gives our clients the option of picking up sponsors for the app, building brand awareness, and even helping defer the cost of this incredibly useful tool. Have your partners sponsor a section of the app, or partner with them to brand the entire experience. However you choose to utilize the customization feature, the end result can and will benefit both your team and your attendees.

We will be working through a lot of these features, so check back next week for something new!

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