App Attack! Pt. 2

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Back again, counting down the top 3 features of our Event App: Eventopia! Last week we talked about the ability to customize the app to fit your specific event. Removing extemporaneous elements, so that the information your attendees need is front and center, makes the decision to add an app to your event an easier one. Cut the clutter and organize your event!

This week we want to focus on Attendee Networking. Often we find that these events have multiple agendas. First and foremost is the need to get important information to your attendees. However, another frequent agenda is to utilize an event or meeting to help facilitate inter-company networking. With employee numbers growing, and technology removing the need for constant face-to-face contact on a daily basis, many employees find themselves working with people they have never actually met in person. Creating solid personal relationships between employees is crucial in today’s business environment. Unfortunately, when planning a meeting or event, this need is often lost among fast-paced speaker schedules and keeping track of all the information one is inundated with during these events. Enter Eventopia.

Utilizing an event application can not only help you organize your schedules and provide up-to-the-minute changes pushed to your attendees app, but it can easily help facilitate these crucial introductions between your staff and attendees. Eventopia has been created to do just that. By filling out critical information before the attendee leaves for the event, the app is then able to suggest “People to Meet” just by matching items like: interests, title, and more.

As always, Eventopia is a wonderful tool to help get the most out of your meeting or event. If you have any further questions or would like to see a quote for your event, please email

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