App Attack Pt. Tres

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Our third installment of the exciting story of Eventopia! Grab your cocoa, find your favorite chair and settle back…

We spoke about customization. We dabbled in attendee networking. Now we delve into the exciting world of integration. Technology has mercifully made our jobs a little easier by providing use with much, much less paperwork to complete and track. We use software for many of the things that used to take us hours. Software for registration for example. Before the bevy of software solutions offered today, clients used massive spreadsheets to check-in, track and report attendance. Now, with savvy registration software, clients not only have a much easier time completing the check-in process, but also have a mountain of incredibly useful information not available before. Information like geo location, where clients can track not only when attendees arrived, but also where they went, what booths they visited or what lectures they attended and for how long. These innovations are incredibly helpful when planning subsequent events.

The problem with this plethora of new software is that few of them work the same way. Few of them work with each other. And even fewer were built with the idea that a client would be using them all simultaneously. That’s the bad news. The good news is that our new Event App, Eventopia, is clever enough to know what Meeting Planners need to make good meetings and events great. Integration. With several capable registration applications available, and Eventopia working with many of the most popular options (Cvent, eTouches, Active, and more), you can be sure that all your data is being intelligently gathered. Furthermore you will have the ability to review that data in an easy to understand format.

It’s one thing to integrate the latest technologies into your program, it’s quite another to ensure that all of those technologies are working towards the same goal. As always if you have any further questions, concerns, or just want to talk about your day, email

Until the next installment…

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