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Below are some links to digital content that exemplifies some of the capabilities of Molecular Media and Habana Avenue.  Look around, check it out, and let me know if I can answer any questions about any of the material.

A summary of the projects –

1.  Times Square Alliance + Summer Solstice – This is a quick montage of our 2-day event in Times Square.  We managed the entire production, from permitting to talent coordination, and the highlight was one of the largest group yoga sessions in the United States!  There is some yoga footage about midway through the piece.

2.  BioGen Stadium Immersion – This is a behind the scenes look of a pharma client’s national sales meeting.  This demonstrates our ability to work creatively, and build technically sound event solutions that are dynamic and engaging.  I also thought you could picture the CEO of one of your clients standing on a stage like that making a meaningful impression on a sales force.

3.  Target National Sales Meeting – This piece is a great example of 3D Projection Mapping that we did in front of a live audience of 1500 Target employees.  I thought you might enjoy this technology – it is an amazing way to make brand impressions that doesn’t require permanent installations and is scalable.  I have other examples of this type of technology that are truly mind blowing.

4.  Knoebels Them Park – This is a commercial spot we did for a small, independently owned theme park.  I included it to show you the type of work we can do with a crew of 3 people.

5.  Microsoft Store – This is an example of a more high-end commercial product.  This was shot in LA, and we coordinated all production elements, including locations, talent, insurance, union negotiations, and post-production work.

Again, I hope these examples get your wheels turning.  Let me know what you think, and I’m happy to put together more material if you need it.

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