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Gaining feedback from attendees can be invaluable. Molecular Media understands the need to convey your message to your attendees, and even more importantly, we understand the need for the attendees to retain that message long after they leave the event. One of the best ways to ingrain a message is to make the audience part of the program. Involving an audience can be a difficult task, but our research teams have found several successful solutions. One of the most successful is ARS or Audience Response Systems. ARS is a closed system that allows audience members to provide feedback (projected on-screen) in real time. Each audience member is issued a proprietary keypad upon registration and will be instructed on its use during the first presentation of the event. The keypads can be used in multiple rooms, allowing the client to set up various polling opportunities or even run a multitude of interactive games that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. Once the audience member answers a predetermined question using the keypad, the information is then filtered through a quality control specialist and displayed on-screen as a graph, chart or text response.

Keeping the audience engaged through participation ensures that the overall message is not only received, it’s retained. Additionally, the ability to store and track responses allows for the metrics to be studied from event to event or year to year, thus creating the ability to better prepare for future events. Knowing what attendees found useful and what they found frustrating can help to provide a more enjoyable environment and ultimately increase attendance on next year’s event.




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