We’re Projection Mapping a Bridge!

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Molecular Media is projection mapping the Fortune Taylor Bridge in Tampa on Mothers Day weekend 2018 for the opening of Julian B. Lane Riverfront park.

When the City of Tampa came to us with this project, their goal was to light up the Fortune Street bridge creatively, and quickly, painting it with moving light that tells the history of the site by bringing Lights on Tampa back for this special event.

Illsol created stunning motion graphics that evoke the history of the bridge and the Riverfront Park. Molecular Media brought in Jason Lashley of Pixel Rain to projection-map the content to the bridge structure.

We’re hitting the bridge with 160,000 lumens, and over 18 million pixels, with wirelessly synchronized projectors on both sides of the river!

Come on out and see the history of West Tampa come to life! Molecular Media is proud to be a part of this project for Lights on Tampa at the Riverfront Rock celebration!


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