Et Cultura 2016

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Et Cultura is a festival of creative culture. It brings film makers, musicians, artists, makers and innovators together to celebrate the contributions of these endeavors with the people that make them and the people who enjoy them.

When Joel, Lea, Colin and Dave approached Molecular Media last year and told us what they were planning, we didn’t hesitate to offer our services. We have always supported the arts and have always strived to make our events small works of art in themselves. We rely on artists, musicians, film makers and innovators to contribute to that goal. So when we had the opportunity to support the community of people who make us look great, we knew there was no question as to whether we would be involved. We worked with the Et Cultura team from the inception of the project to provide the best, most advanced, audio/visual support available.

From projectors to state-of-the-art audio, our team supplied all of the audio/visual equipment and know-how to ensure that Et Cultura showcased the participants’ work with the highest quality sound and video. Our team set up high definition projectors, providing the brightest and clearest image for the film submissions, as well as, more than 30,000 watts of crystal clear audio for the theaters. And our lighting helped to light the beautiful pieces of visual art displayed all over the grounds. Hundreds of pieces set over 4 city blocks and linked with thousands of feet of power, SDI and HDMI cable to bring a beautiful cacophony of sound and light to downtown St. Pete.

Setting the stage for audio/visual support was a blast, but our real excitement came when we were asked to work with our partners Pixel Rain, to set up a stunning video mapping project on the corner of Baum and 9th street, using 18 thousands lumen projectors. Check out the final product below. Remember, that nothing you see has been added after the fact. The entire video was shot live and was projected from just two sources.

Et Cultura Festival Projection Mapping-HD from Molecular Media on Vimeo.

To say that we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. And by the comments of the attendees, it seems the city of St Petersburg truly enjoyed the entire event. With some luck and a lot of hard work, we hope to be part of the team for years to come. If you missed the festivities this year, keep checking the Et Cultura Facebook page for next years dates, and don’t be left admiring the beautiful pictures next year!

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