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Often we are asked “How do you compete with in-house audio visual companies?” The answer is not a simple one. A/V companies based out of major venues, hotels and resorts offer comprehensive equipment and service solutions that are conveniently located in the venue the event is being held. While this offers a major convenience, the business model does tend to fall short in a few key areas. Here is where Molecular Media can stand out and offer a custom solution to fit your budget and agenda.

Gear Upgrades: Many of the in-house A/V companies encompass hundreds of venues around the country and the world. This massive overhead often means that updating gear can be a costly and logistical nightmare. Because of our boutique business model, Molecular Media is able to keep the overhead low, and therefore dedicate time and expense to ensure that the gear we rent is at the cutting edge of technology. This all translates to less chance of technical interruption and more opportunities to wow and connect with your audience.

Service: Determining what gear is best utilized for your event is the easy part. The next step involves planning for all contingencies and creating a master plan that delivers a seamless program for you and your attendees. Due to increasing schedule demands and multiple clients and events held simultaneously, in-house AV can often gloss over these very important details. Molecular Media has always, and will always pride itself on our level of customer attention. Our client’s events become our own, and we work diligently to ensure that the event achieves the type of success we would expect for ourselves.

Technicians: The gear that is rented is only the very first step in completing a successful event. That equipment needs to be set, checked, re-checked and backup plans put in place. That kind of attention to detail requires a special breed of technician. Often an in-house A/V company abandons the process after the initial set up. Assuring the client that they are within close proximity, they turn their attention to the other clients running simultaneous events. Without a dedicated technician, your event could experience microphone drops, video signal issues, or any number of small technicals snafus that can derail or delay your carefully planned program. Molecular Media dedicated technicians not only to each show, but often each room containing any live presentations. The technician is able to immediately correct issues and even foresee problems before they start. Ensuring your message is the only thing you have to focus on, is what really sets Molecular Media apart.

Price/Availability: A common misconception is that outside production companies are not an option when working with properties providing onsite A/V solutions. The reality is that as a meeting planner you are often encouraged, but never required to utilize the in-house services. Properties will prefer that you choose their onsite solutions and will tout their convenience and the fact that they will be the least expensive option.  Often this can be true, but as with many things, the cheapest is not always the best option. In truth Molecular Media is able to compete with the majority of the in-house solutions, as well as provide a deeper level of service. By providing extras like creative suggestions, comprehensive equipment redundancy, and associated media production options, Molecular Media’s solutions can frequently become the smarter option.

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