Mo Team to the Rescue!

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This past month the “Mo Signal” went up and the team was ready to answer the call. A current client found themselves in a situation that required a small 100 person meeting to be planned, staffed and executed, in Amsterdam, more than 4500 miles away. The kicker…we had 48 hours until the start of the event. Having worked with Molecular Media in the past, the client was confident that our team had the ability to not only pull off the meeting, but have it meet their stringent corporate protocols.

Utilizing our numerous European contacts the Mo team was able to procure local technicians, as well as all the necessary gear needed to successfully produce the event. With only 48 hours to tie up all the loose ends and get the Mo core team to Amsterdam, mistakes were not an option. After arranging for travel, techs and delivery of the local gear, the team was off to Europe on the red-eye from TIA.

The team arrived in Amsterdam only 24hrs before the attendees would be settling in for their first guest speaker. With virtually no sleep the team got to work immediately to set, test, adjust and re-test the gear before the morning’s events. Perseverance, long hours and incredible dedication to the client and the job ensured the success of this emergency event.

The entire team, including both our travel team and our home support team, banded together to help produce a very successful show, in a foreign land, with only two days notice. For the Mo team…it was just another weekend.

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