Squaw Valley Challenges…

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Next month the Molecular Media team will be traveling to Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The team will be executing a multi-location event for a large pharmaceutical company consisting of over 300 attendees in the past home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Due to the geographic location, this event has been incredibly challenging. The team has been working over the last few months to overcome these challenges in some very creative ways. First, the location of each venue poses logistic challenges. From a single road in and out of the resort, to being forced to utilize a cable car as a sole transport for certain venues, just getting the equipment where it needs to be has been a major obstacle.

Another issue arises when placing outdoor lighting. Some of the outdoor up-lights need to be placed in several feet of snow, and would be subjected to sub-zero temperatures for extended periods of time. This not only prompted the team to evaluate the minimum working temperatures for our equipment, but they needed to figure out how to place those lights without trudging waist deep in snow.  The team settled on Flexible Flyer sleds and rented snow shoes to ensure that each light was properly placed, and would not have to be readjusted throughout the event.

Now that the proper measures have been taken, the team feels incredibly confident that the event will be a success!

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