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Molecular Media, announced Monday the completion of its brand-new, client-facing website. The site was developed in collaboration with Habana Avenue, Molecular Media’s latest strategic partner, to showcase the company’s production services, and educate new potential clients on its capabilities.

Working with Big Sea Design (bigseadesign.com), the site was designed and tweaked over the last two years.  Once the initial research was completed, Big Sea Design was tasked with creating an inviting design concept that encompassed the broad spectrum that is Molecular Media.

Continuing with Molecular Media’s plan to better communicate with its client base, the just-released website rolls out a brand new blog feature. The blog will be updated weekly with the goal to inform visitors of the latest happenings within Molecular Media, as well as, new industry technology, processes and innovations.

The new website is the first stage in the redevelopment of Molecular Media’s outward-facing brand. Hinging on the new design, Molecular will now focus on a full rollout of sales and branding materials.

Molecular Media is excited to launch this cornerstone piece to its new branding initiative.  As the company grows and expands in the new year, the hope is to create a more comprehensive source for clients and associates alike.

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